About the film

The dog’s cave is a documentary film. It tells a story about old local legend in Bulgarian village – Karlukovo. Story about a cave 32 meters deep underground where people trash the bodys of the dead animals. Not only dead ones but alive too. Many years people hear the howl from the cave of a dogs that have been trown down alive and survive eating the crops of the dead animals below. People say that they become blind monsters isolated in deep darkness. Many storys tells that not only animals but human bodys also have been thrown down.


1920×1080 (16×9) progressive square pixel

Frame Rate

PAL, 25fps


+English Subtitles


Separated – Music, Voice, Fx and Ambient tracks


26 minutes

Tech Specs

“Murgovitsa – The dog’s cave”  the film is Full HD – 1920×1080 progrssive, square pixel. PAL sistem at 25fps. Original language – Bulgarian, additional .srt file is included with english subtitles. Separated audio tracks are included – fx, music&ambient, narator&voices. Duration 26min.